Children of the Incubi: V. Dead Party


Lily begins to unravel as tragedy befalls the Incubi and the identities of Samael and Drake come closer to revelation. Lily's past catches up to her when a surprise visitor appears in New Orleans, dead set on dragging her back to New York. The Mercuria returns to the Colonies with the Sons and Daughters of the Lesser Gods, but without one of Tosú-Críoch's own. Lilith hosts a Dead Party with wicked twists and plots, as well as an erotic love game in the Maze that shifts power back into her own hands. The Red Dragon is finally identified, but there are mysterious connections that shake up the Colonies further as Cain embarks upon his first hunt, and two mysterious men appear in Dorcha, demanding that the Gods give back what they've stolen from them. As many of the secrets and conflicts in the first 4 books in the series are revealed and resolved, more conflicts arise in the tribulations of the Lesser Gods in explosive, powerful, erotic, twisted, and darkly humorous fashion that always follows the machinations of the Children of the Incubi.