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Lana M. Wiggins is the author of Children of the Incubi, a dark, urban fantasy novel series

Book I: Marriage of Heaven and Hell 

Book II: Blood Mark 

Book III: Banquet of the Lesser Gods 

Book IV: Gods in the Onyx 

Book V: Dead Party

Book VI:  Revelations

Irreverent scribe who lives to tell tall tales. You'll often find Lana M. Wiggins hunched over her desk at 3:00 am with a steaming cup of tea while frantically writing stories her characters dictate to her. She loves the adventures these characters take her on with or without her permission, because they take her to places she might never go otherwise, like Heaven and Hell, or perhaps an old cemetery to witness Voodoo rituals and Pagan rites of passage. Sometimes she hangs out in tiny villages in Scotland, or big cities like London, Paris, New York, or New Orleans to remind her that life is in session. But mostly, you'll find her in a classroom or coffee shop with eager students who like her for some odd reason. 

Visit Lana at to see what kind of trouble she's getting into next. She loves to converse with readers, and doesn't mind answering questions because her life motto is: Question Everything.  

Lana M. Wiggins earned her M.A. in Creative Writing from ULL in 2001, and has been published in a wide variety of literary journals, such as The Deep South Writer's Conference Chapbook, The Southwestern Review, The Smoking Poet, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Moondance, Dance to Death, Words-Myth, Rose and Thorn, and Knock, among others. She was nominated for the 2009 Kate Tufts Discovery Award, and was a finalist for the Marsh Hawk Poetry Award in 2006. Lana M. Wiggins was also an invited guest poet at the 2008 Encres de Sang International Writer's Conference in Paris, France. Lana M. Wiggins currently teaches English at Louisiana State University.  (less)

Lana is also the author of Root. Sprout. Blossom: Life Bag of a Flower-Child, a quirky Southern novel about growing up as a hippie in the 1960s American South, and Notes from Refuge, poetic narratives of her experience as a Katrina refugee and other poems exploring deeply personal issues of disaster through a feminine eye. 

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Editorial Reviews

"I fell under the spell of this story right at the beginning."

"Lily, a mere human, is railroaded into writing down  a story from two muses that are not of our world but with a binding contact to ensure that she does as they say. I loved the fiery Lily, who got strange looks from people as she witted to the pair of story dictators that no-one else could see. Were they really there or were the voices in her mind, as she had already done a stint in, to put it in Samael’s words, the loony bin. So the story begins darting between Lily and her writing, under protest, each time the story returns to her.  This story has everything from how Heaven and Hell  became divided and ruled by two cousins, God, Amon, the White One, and the Devil, Marduk, the Black Dragon. A  decision that divided the children of the Incubi when King, Phoenix  passed on his crown to his eldest two grandsons. The children of Incubi were a nation that over indulged in love-making, be it with their own partners or with others. Jealousy was a massive issue but it couldn’t prevent the lust that controlled them but made them enemies.  The High Council of Elders consisted of Knowledge, Justice, Truth, Temperance and Strength. They lived eternally and were the wisest of everyone. They really were the all-seeing all-knowing Gods. They let the two new Kings make decisions without guidance but would one day be judged. What the Elders said had to be done.  There are some brilliant stand out characters in this story that made me laugh and at other times hate them for what they did. It is a love story or should I say love triangle that is at the core of all that is going on. And what is going on is a huge secret that only a few people knew about it and it will impact the future in a gigantic way. There are erotic scenes, which to be honest just became part of who the Incubi are and to be expected. This is a little treasure trove of entertainment.  A dark fantasy which I thoroughly enjoyed." ~Susan Hampson~ Books from Dusk till Dawn. 

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"An absorbing first installment"  

"Testing the boundaries between love, obsession, dominance and betrayal ‘Children of the Incubi: I. Marriage of Heaven and Hell’ is a mythological fantasy epic that is graceful and compassionately narrated in a sumptuous volume brimming with passion, peril and demonic threats.  The story plot flips back and forth with intricately fascinating details that are relentlessly gripping, as two haunting ghosts task Lily to write an unnarrated saga of heaven and hell unfolding the mythological epic of God Amon and devil Marduk of Incubi, who were bonded with each other for good by grandfather Phoenix into a family marriage alliance to strengthen their unity and power over mutual enemies, but these ties turnout to be the tragic destruction that leaves them (Amon & Marduk) battling the adversities of fate from evolving into a threat for god colonies.  Author Lana M. Wiggins immaculately sketches a masterpiece that is an original and engrossing contribution to the epic fantasy genre and is sure to appeal to cynics and thrilling fantasy lovers alike as the supernatural undertones saturate the narrative through profound exploration of life in a way that is both deeply moving and heartwarming. Deliberate, impeccable and extraordinary, author Lana M. Wiggins 1st book in series ‘Children of the Incubi: I. Marriage of Heaven and Hell’  is a 5 star read that is worth indulging in." ~Enas Reviews~ Read full review here:

"A thrilling, dark, sensational novel"


"Children of the Incubi is a thrilling, dark, sensational novel that kept me shocked and enthralled from the very first page! The excellent author of this novel, Lana M. Wiggins has written a perfect story that will keep the reader engrossed, enthralled and enchanted from beginning to end. I found this book to be phenomenal, it was terrifying at parts, but it was still incredible, and when I had to put it down I longed for it! I wanted to be in this mad but brilliant story, and when I was able to turn to this harsh world I was thrilled! Which is not something I thought I would write about an occult novel! Although, I have always been fascinated with the occult!  Children of the Incubi is a thrilling novel which can only be described as an epic piece of fiction. It takes the reader on a terrifying journey in which we come across lust, darkness, betrayal, heaven, hell and let’s not forget God and the Devil! How incredible that Wiggins has managed to weave all of these excellent themes together masterfully, she has done so expertly and effortlessly. She has invested a significant amount of time into her novel because it is detailed and concise.  Wiggins is a talented author, and this was clear to me from the first page, her story of lust and death was brilliant and incredibly unique, I can safely say that I have never read a book quite like hers and this is a glorious thing! I adore how this novel stands out amongst the crowd, how it is bold, daring and shocking. I could not even place this book into one genre because it is so unique and varied. Wiggins certainly is a talent that must be watched out for so already I would implore you lovely readers to read this magnificent book!..." 

~Aimee Ann Redheaded Book Lovers Blog~ Read full review here :

"When I picked up this book, I was stunned."

"Children of the Incubi: Marriage of Heaven and Hell, by Lana M. Wiggins, is a dark fantasy novel about a legacy of demented secrets that were hidden away from the light, only to resurface again in a maniacal storm of lust, sin, and lies. The White One, Amon, and the Black Dragon, Marduk, are both rulers of the kingdom of the Incubi. When their brother, Lucian, stirs up conflict, the two kings decide to concoct a virus that would enslave creatures to their bloodlust. After this virus gets out, they try to search for the carrier, only to find two human women, both of whom with babes. After deliberating, they decide to make the two immortal. Amon’s son, however, falls in love with the tiny baby named Issa, whom he decides to claim as his new Queen. Even so, dark forces wait in the horizon, happily festering on the sides as they watch this spectacle continue on without any abandon. In this twisted fairytale, Wiggins shows just how far people are willing to go to satiate their own lusts, whether it be for love, power, or corruption.  To be honest, when I picked up this book, I was stunned. The incest, the lies, the cheating; nearly half the time, I wanted Marduk to just leave Lilith in her cesspool of lust. It’s why I was so happy he found Hurit, whom he treated as a daughter, as well as her baby, Samoset, also named Samuel. At the very least, she and Samuel were more more of family than Cain and Lilith ever will be. On the other hand, Amon didn’t get into as much drama as he would’ve had he given into his vices. He protected his family the best he could, despite the horrifying way he struck Nahemah. He gave Issa and Makawee a good home, was a good husband to Makawee, and was an overall good king, in my opinion. But the mistakes of the past still caught on to them both. It’s why the ending was as bittersweet as it was..." ~Robin Goodfellow, Black Magic Reviews~

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Customer Reviews

"I have only recently begun to read fantasy novels but this one is quite different from all the others. It has a lot of intrigue between the characters who, although they are lesser God's, are like a regular family. Their family squabbles are about sex, love and betrayal. There is also enough humor to balance out the dark. Can't wait to read the next book!"  

~Cindy Elton


"Wow, just in time for Friday the 13th and Halloween comes this paranormal tale of epic proportions! Love, lust, darkness, magic, betrayal, betrothal, Heaven, Hell, God & the Devil all in one book! From the lively imagination of Lana M. Wiggins, the brilliant author of "Notes from Refuge" and "Root. Sprout. Blossom: Life Bag of a Flower-Child" comes another blockbuster story of Time before time and the Gods before humans, and how one seemingly simple mistake they make turns humanity on its head! Can they save the doomed human race before it's too late? You have to read the book to find out! This is the first book in a series of six, so it will be a long and wonderful road to travel in this journey of mind-blowing supernatural fiction. This is a "Don't Miss" book!"  

~Cheryl Estrada  

"So intrigued with this book! Love, jealousy, kinship, betrayal, lust, sex, it gives the reader a window into their world. I love it when I'm reading and I can't put the book down! Every chapter leaves you wanting more. I want more! Amazing Author, Amazing Read!" 

~Bobbi Ishki Elisi  

"I'm half way through and I keep thinking HBO or someone needs to snatch this up quick. There are so many layers woven into this book. Tales within tales. Whatever your interest, you will find it: Love, sex, intrigue, betrayal, forgiveness, revenge, ..did i mention I'm only half way through :) Lana Wiggins is a literary alchemist whose creations will leave you breathless and wanting for more. " 

~ Zeralda La Grange  

"Wonderfully written! Such a mixture of creepy, sexy, dark, but funny characters. Can't wait to see what's next from Lana Wiggins! " 

~ Jacqueline Ortego

"Children of the Incubi is a captivating tale filled with love, hate, desire, intrigue, sex, and fun. The characters, scenes, and plot are rich, colorful, and well developed. I can't wait to read the next book!" 

~Monica Smith

Children of the Incubi Series Available on Amazon and Kindle

Lily's life is turned upside down when two ghostly muses appear with a blood-inked contract binding her to write an incredible saga of Heaven and Hell as dictated by the muses. In a darkly humorous fashion, Lily fights Samael and Drake every step of the way, even after losing her executve job, her 5th Avenue apartment, all her possesions, and nearly loses her life, but Lily cannot resist their fantastic story that outlines a seemingly simply mistake made by Marduk, the Black Dragon, and Amon, the White One, aka the Devil and God. This simple mistake begins to spiral out of control with far-reaching consequences both are powerless to stop, especially the Marriage of Heaven and Hell that springs from an unlikely romantic union that has disastrous consequences when the Elders step forward to right the wrongs of the Black Dragon and the White One.


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