Banquet of the Lesser Gods


Samael and Drake trick Lily into drinking a potion that takes her on a Belladonna and Hemlock dream to the Underworld where Jade and Killian are being held hostage. Lucian and Hecaté enter the story and heat up the pages with their tricks, ruses, plots, and wicked plans that all go awry at the Banquet meant to crown Lucian the One Victor of the Rebellion.

Marduk delivers a rousing speech to the Incubi that shakes the Elders to their core when they realize they are losing control of their plan. They summon Marduk into their chambers to give him a special commission to advise Declan on his heroic journey to the Underworld. Marduk disappears into a shadow existence from his own Belladonna and Hemlock dream as Declan, Caraye, Mia, and Finn get underway in the Onyx River to rescue the young lovers. Along the way, Declan engages with Marduk in dreams and shadows where Marduk serves as a sounding board for Declan’s confused feelings for Caraye when he knows Issa will be his when he returns to Gael. Marduk, being the Romantic Devil he is, weaves his love spell over Declan and Caraye as they test the steamy waters of a heady romance neither of them can control, thanks to Marduk’s machinations. Caraye, however, becomes gravely ill along the way to Marbh through the Onyx River, where they encounter demonic spirits and incorrigible dead at the Energy Vortex in Dead Man’s Bay. Declan also encounters a dark spirit from his past that rattles his resolve in this commission, but the encounter brings Declan and Caraye closer than ever. Declan and Finn also develop a deep bond that puzzles them both, but they find worthy partners in each other while they are forced to work together if they want to survive this perilous journey to the Underworld. 

Jade and Killian are being held in Lucian’s Amethyst Fortress, where Salem and Malachi are competing for Lucian’s rewards of a seat on his Council and a Golden Palace. Salem, however, is fighting for more than a Palace. He is fighting for his freedom as well as the freedom of his wife and unborn son. Lucian is livid that Malachi brought the wrong Cambion into his Colony and sends Malachi away to his safe house until the fallout of his massive mistake settles. Salem and Hecaté take control of Jade and Killian, and Queen Hecaté plans a Banquet to introduce Lucian to his young hostages before he travels to the Citadel of the Elders to tell them that he has legal custody of their Chosen One. Hecaté has different plans for her wayward husband and the hostages as she takes control of the Banquet, and invites the entire body of Lesser Gods to the Amethyst Fortress to thwart Lucian’s plans to win the Crown of Críoch in an underhanded powerplay that she knows will set them further back in their fight to win autonomy for the Lower Colonies. Declan, Finn, and the Army of Gael arrive in Marbh, just in time for the Banquet of the Lesser Gods, to set Jade and Killian free, and to save Caraye’s life that hangs by a tenuous thread after her encounter with the dark spirits at the Vortex. Upon return to Gael with his ragtag band of misfits, Declan receives a hero’s welcome, and is eagerly awaiting his reward from the Elders. Amon is dealt another severe blow when the last piece of his puzzle in finding Issa is ruthlessly thrown in his face by Lucian.

Marduk and Lilith are both shocked and severely shaken by the guests Declan returns to the Upper Colonies with, in more ways than one. Malachi, upon hearing of Declan’s return to Gael, sneaks into the Crystal Palace to claim his own reward.

Available Friday, April 13, 2018!

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