Gods in the Onyx

Lily's focus of the Saga shifts when  she prepares to fight both Samael and Drake to return to the Underworld in a rescue mission of her own. Gael finally has its long-awaited wedding, and the underlying tragedy of Declan and Caraye's love story is a secret Amon is determined to keep hidden from Declan. Amon and Marduk take their own Hero's journey through the Onyx River to face off against Malachi. Along the way, they face an army of lusus naturae led by an old nemisis of the Gods. Amon takes his first steps among humanity, and finally meets Lugh's family, but neither humanity nor Lugh's family are what he expected. Marduk and Draco plot a dangerous mission to capture the elusive Red Dragon, who is wreaking havoc upon humanity in violent acts of terror that kill scores of innocents, including many of Marduk's trackers. Their ill-planned scheme, however, has disastrous and tragic consequences that the Incubi may never recover from.

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