Marriage of Heaven and Hell


Lily's life turned upside down when two ghostly muses appear with a blood-inked contract she supposedly signed in a former life, binding her to write an incredible story of Heaven and Hell, as dictated to her by the muses. In a darkly humorous fashion, Lily fights Samael and Drake every step of the way, but cannot resist their fantastic story that outlines a seemingly simple mistake made by the Gods that has a rippling effect reaching far into the past and future. 

Lily’s muses dictate the life of Amon and Marduk, God and the Devil, who are Incubi of the Tribe of Gael, two sides of the same coin, heavily invested in each other’s lives, and loyal allies who understand that neither has any value without the other. Amon and Marduk must stand together if they are to defeat their mutual enemies, humanity, as well as the Lesser Gods who outnumber them significantly.  

Both Amon and Marduk suffer from troublesome marriages and unruly offspring that turn their worlds upside down. Amon, the White One, is obsessed with numbers and logic, a brilliant  Mathematician, and the Great Hope of the Elders. Amon is shy, clumsy, constantly distracted, and lives inside his head in a world of numbers and logical formulas. Amon's loveless marriage to Nahemah, Marduk’s sister, is the root of a tragic conflict that has far reaching effects upon the God Colonies as well as Earth from the past into the future. Nahemah is obsessed with Amon to the point of distraction, and her blind jealousy leads her to commit an act bordering on Treason. But Nahemah suffers the most from her lack of introspection in committing her crime, as her punishment is more severe than anyone intended. 

Amon’s children are heavily affected by his marital issues and rebel in their own ways with wild adventures and secret affairs that disrupt the peace of Gael, Amon’s Colony. But Declan, Lugh, and Aramanth are loyal to Amon to a fault, which leaves Nahemah, the Dragon Queen, standing alone when the marriage falls apart.

Marduk’s marriage is anything but loveless, as he is madly, deeply, obsessively in love with his wife, Lilith, a prototype woman endowed with more beauty and sexuality than was intended for humanity. Lilith is wild, untamed, highly erotic, and disloyal to Marduk at every opportunity with a long list of lovers she doesn’t bother to hide. Marduk is deep under Lilith’s love web, but still manages to maintain a strong stand in the 3000-year-old battle with Lilith for dominance in their marriage bed. Lilith is far ahead in the battle, which weighs heavy on Marduk’s inherently romantic nature. Marduk finds solace with human women on his visits to Earth before he captures the undead bodies of incorrigible humans, then drags them to his Lair in Dorcha to be slowly and painfully dismantled. 

Marduk is three personas in one. He is the King of the Incubi, a Romantic Devil, and the Dark God of Justice, known to humanity as the Black Dragon. Being the Romantic Devil that he is, Marduk takes no pleasure in his duties as the Dark God, but he knows from personal experience how important it is to cure the world of evil dragons to protect the innocent. 

Marduk’s only son, Cain, creates his own conflict that affects past, present, and future with his wicked proclivities that shake up the Colonies in more ways than one when he returns from prison, and resumes his lifelong plan to usurp Marduk. Cain wants everything that Marduk has. His Crown, his position as the Black Dragon, and his wife. Cain’s unnatural love for his mother is widely known in Dorcha, and is the underlying cause of the tragic and brutal death of his sister, Arabel. Arabel, or Bella, is a dark haunting spirit that rides Marduk's back day and night, whispering in his ear, and directing his path on his dragon hunts to capture the most vile creatures on Earth who prey upon the innocent.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell springs from an unlikely romantic union that has disastrous consequences when the Elders step forward to right the wrongs of the Black Dragon and the White One.

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Children of the Incubi Book I: Marriage of Heaven and Hell was released Friday, Oct. 13, 2017 by Black Dragons Press. Available both in print (Amazon) and as an eBook (Kindle). Stay tuned! More books in the series on the way...