Blood Mark


Lily’s muses guide her from New York to New Orleans to continue her book, but their hair-brained scheme leaves Lily vulnerable in New Orleans as her own life unravels in her effort to finish this story and rid herself of the ghost muses, but Lily has become deeply attached to her characters, and dives into the story with little regard for her own existence that eerily parallels many aspects of the saga Samael and Drake are dictating to her. 

The year is 2025 and Declan is given a commission by the Elders that takes him to New Orleans. Amon and Marduk attend the Gathering of the Incubi, broken, defiant, and determined to win back their power, but the Elders have different plans for the Gods. Amon has abandoned his duties as the White One, and Marduk’s position as the Black Dragon has been taken from him, so he delves deep into debauchery, playing the only role he is allowed, the Romantic Devil. 

In New Orleans, Declan finds himself involved with a mysterious young woman, Raven, who takes him to a dark and seedy underground club, The Mortuary, where he finds Finn, a long-lost Incubus with a wicked reputation in New Orleans. But Declan is determined to complete this commission, even if he has to work with the devil himself. Finn is skeptical of Declan’s motives, and plays his own role in throwing Declan off-course. 

Jade Halloran finds herself the center of the dramatic scenario between her mother and her long-lost father who shows up out of the blue to meet Jade for the first time. Jade is an 18-year-old social justice warrior fighting against Orthodox Fascists trying to take over her city, and works tirelessly alongside her lifelong friend, Killian LeBlanc, in underground missions to help the refugees flooding into New Orleans. Jade and Killian also dabble in Voodoo rituals that set off a perilous chain of events that shake Heaven, Hell, and Earth.  

Jade’s mother, Caraye Halloran, and Killian’s mother, Mia LeBlanc, are powerful Voodoo Witches who are fighting the Orthos for different reasons and in different ways than Jade and Killian. A fateful meeting between Declan and Caraye leaves them both shaken in their missions, as Declan is unbearably attracted to Caraye. But he knows he has to keep his romantic nature in check because he is commissioned to bring Jade and Caraye to the Elders. But before Declan can gather his senses to formulate a plan, Jade and Killian disappear.

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Children of the Incubi: II. Blood Mark is now available on Amazon. Stay tuned for Book III: Banquet of the Lesser Gods coming in March 2018...

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